And Steve Sings, Too!

Steve is known as a phenomenal soloist but also knows how to reign it in and become a part of a vocal ensemble. He is a music reader, willing and able to tackle the toughest task. His voice can be heard on the sound tracks of over 175 feature films including La La Land, Ralph Wrecks the Internet, Hook, Hunt for Red October, Glory, Fantastic Four, Matrix Reloaded, Men In Black 2, and Home Alone just to name a few. He has sung on commercials for clients including Honda, Ford Trucks, Delta Airlines, Diet Coke, Microsoft and on countless television shows. In his spare time he has recorded 16 solo CD's of sacred, Broadway, patriotic and Christmas music and travels the globe singing with symphonies and corporate events. He's been a featured soloist at The Dorothy Chandler Pavillion, The Hollywood Bowl and Carnegie Hall.